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Major MOHealthNet Application and Process Changes and New Asset Limits Effective January 1, 2022

MOHealthNet has made major changes to the Vendor application process effective January 1, 2022. Starting January 1, Form MO 886-3646 (IM-IMA) will no longer be accepted as a valid application for Vendor assistance. The updated application form, MO 886-4537, must be used to apply for Vendor assistance henceforth.

The notification setting forth the new application and procedures is contained in Missouri Department of Social Services Income Maintenance Memo IM-02-02-2022. The new application form has been in use since June, 2021. Over the final 6 months of 2021, the Family Support Division accepted both the new application and the former form. Starting January 1, 2022, only the new form is accepted.

MO 886-4537 is a much more comprehensive application form, requiring information on household members in addition to the MOHealthNet applicant, and also additional health coverage information. The form also appears to request more substantial information MO 886-4537 is 14 pages long. including all supplemental information.

Additionally, the FSD has announced new assets and income limits for Vendor assistance. The basic Medicaid limit of $5,000.00 will remain the same. However, starting January 1 the new Maximum Monthly Maintenance Standard is $3,435.00 for Community Spouses. The Minimum Monthly Maintenance Standard was adjusted to $2,178.00 on July 1, 2022, and remains at that level.

The new Minimum Spousal Share for Community Spouses under a filed Division of Assets is $27,480.00. The new Maximum Spousal Share is $137,400.00.

At QMC, we have fully made the transition to all of the new application forms and procedures. We have made contact with the Family Support Division to review all new procedures, any new procedures regarding new application submission locations.

Please continue to utilize our expertise here at QMC for all of your Vendor Medicaid application and qualification issues.

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