Practice Areas

The Quality Medicaid Care team is committed to helping families and individuals navigate the intricacies of the Medicaid process. QMC can assist you with the following services:


QMC assists and guides families with the placement of a loved one in long term care, provide guidance for family members, assist with the sale of real property and the liquidation of assets.


Medicaid Application Processing


Our staff has filed thousands of Medicaid applications, filings, appeals, Divisions of Assets, etc. Medicaid applications can be difficult to fill out alone, especially for family members of loved ones who need nursing home care. QMC can help. We help residents and family members process Medicaid applications to ensure you or your loved one always has the long-term care and financial support you need.

Division of Assets

Division of assets applies only to married couples. The intent of the law was to change the eligibility requirements for Medicaid where one spouse needed nursing home care while the other spouse remained in the home.


A division of assets protects a determined amount of the couple's assets from being spent on the institutionalized spouse’s nursing home care costs.  Our strategies protect more of a couple’s assets than what is routinely determined by the state.

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